Final Boss Gives Some Steamy Insights

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Wrack Screens

Wrack Screens

Final Boss has posted an interesting article on their experiences publishing Wrack on Steam.

So we’ve now been on Steam for about 2 months, and while I can’t yet afford a diamond encrusted toilet, things are going well. In addition to a nice launch week, we got to be part of their recent sales, and were up for a Community’s Choice vote. All of this means that lots more people both know about and are already enjoying Wrack, which is a wonderful thing!

But how have things fared in the business side of things? What kind of impact has being on Steam had on our sales? Without getting into figures (unless we’re putting up DayZ-type figures, nobody is going to be impressed), I’d like to share how it’s impacted us. If you’re also a developer, enjoy the business side of games, or like my witty writing (PLAY ALONG), then you should get something out of this.

Read the full article here.


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