Tune In To The Supershow Collective Marathon Tonight

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Indie Supershow

Indie Supershow

Get ready for some exciting Indie on Indie action, as the Supershow Collective marathon begins tonight at 7PM EST.  The event will run through the weekend, with live streams of games from Steam and others, plus developer interviews, special guests and giveaways. The event is being organized by indie developer Robot Loves Kitty and indie site Greenlit Gaming.

The marathon kicks off with the Indie Showcase from Greenlit Gaming, which will feature more than 24 hours of continuous Steam gaming and developer interviews, including coverage of 40+ Steam games, including, Kingdom Rush, Contrast, Rollers of the Realm, Teslagrad, RimWorld, Nekro, Second Chance Heroes, and many more.

As Greenlit Gaming’s coverage ends, the Indie Showcase continues with the Indie Dev Showcase from Robot Loves Kitty.  The fun starts on Saturday at 7PM EST, and features streams and interviews of Hot Tin Roof, Melody’s Escape, 6180 The Moon, Windforge, Dyscourse, War of Omens, and many more.

The Supershow Collective is debuting with a massive 48+ hour Twitch livestream event that will spotlight 60+ Indie games(and their devs!) from Steam, Greenlight, and around the web. The event will have gameplay, casual dev interviews, special guests, giveaways, sneak peeks, cake, and who knows what else!

The show starts at 7pm(est) on the 10th, and will showcase titles like:
Torchlight 2
The Novelist
Risk of Rain
Starseed Pilgrim / Asphyx
Tetrobot & co.

The Supershow Collective was created by the indie devs at Robot Loves Kitty and the team at Greenlit Gaming. Their goal is to bring devs and players together to celebrate indie gaming.

Tune in to the show easily by going to the Supershow Collective’s Twitch page: http://www.twitch.tv/team/ssc

The show starts on Friday January 10th at 7pm EST (pre-show at 6:30). Greenlit Gaming will treat you to games from Steam and Steam Greenlight with their “Indie Showcase”

Then at 7pm on the 11th, Robot Loves Kitty will intrigue you with indie games you might not have heard of, but really should have, on the “IndieDev Supershow”

Come, have some cake, and show your support for indie gaming!

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