2013 Was The Year of Games On Kickstarter

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Here is a must read article for anyone considering crowd funding a game.  The article is full of great analysis and statistics for the video game category.

Bottom  line, it looks pretty healthy for indie developers, looking to fund a project on Kickstarter.  There was a common thought that Kickstarter only works for established, named developers, looking for alternative ways to finance a project, but I think in reality, if you have a solid idea with a  solid team, and something to show up front, there is success to be found on Kickstarter.

Another interesting thing, not exposed by this data, is the concern around how many funded projects ever see the light of day.  I’ve personally backed many projects on Kickstarter, and not one of them from 2013 has reached a state of being finished and delivered.  Sometimes being a backer on Kickstarter feels like philanthropy or charity work.  This is purely anecdotal though, on my part.

Read the full article on Gamasutra.

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