DrMop: AppEasy Core SDK Is Now Open Source

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DrMop, that fountain of knowledge on all things Marmalade, and creator of the IwGame Engine, has released the AppEasy Core SDK under the MIT license.  The repo can be found on GitHub, here.

What the hell is AppEasy?  Well it’s the wonderful, blonde haired stepchild of the old IwGame engine.

[AppEasy] is a FREE open source cross platform game and app engine for mobiles and desktop that can be re targeted to work on anything you like as long as you implement the platform abstraction layer. At the moment, a Marmalade SDK layer is implemented so you can use it right out of the box. You will however need a Marmalade license to use it, although having a Marmalade license will give you deployment access to a vast range of platforms so its well worth it. if not then simply implement the platform layer for whatever platform(s) you desire. If you dont fancy any of that and just want to use Lua and XOML then you can always give the AppEasy service a try, which lets you deploy apps to iOS / Android and Windows desktop without the need to compile and re-write code etc..

The feature list is impressive and extensive, and did I mention, it’s FREE!

Check out the announcement with all the meaty detail on DrMop’s site, here.

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