Relativity. A Mind-bending, Escher-esque First Person Puzzler

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Relativity is a mind-bending exploration puzzle game set in an Escher-esque world with six different gravity fields.  The player can walk on any visible surface, and learn to see and manipulate the world through new perspectives, as you try to solve seemingly impossible puzzles. Relativity is set to be released in late 2014, for PC, Mac, and Linux.

That’s the official blurb, and judging by the screen shots and early videos, this game looks gorgeous, and may just live up to it!  The art style is simple, clean, functional, and abstract, while still being comfortably familiar, and evocative of games like Portal.  The game will also feature an atmospheric soundtrack, composed by Kiku Hibino.

Check out the video above, and the screen shots below for a taste of this intriguing new game.

Relativity Screenshot

Relativity Screenshot

About the Developer:

In November 2012, Willy Chyr began working on Relativity, initially as a small project to learn the basics of game development and the Unity3D engine. Drawing inspiration from various physics thought experiments, he created a rough prototype over Thanksgiving weekend. After showing an early version of the game to some playtesters and receiving encouraging feedback, he decided to pursue the idea further and continue development.

In 2013, Willy was awarded a six-month artist residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China. This gave him the opportunity to focus on development of the game full-time and take it to a level that demonstrates many of the core ideas of the project.

In October 2013, Willy returned to Chicago, where he has continued to work on Relativity since. In December, sound artist Kiku Hibino joined the team and began to work on music and sound effects for Relativity.

Relativity Screenshot

Relativity Screenshot

Due for release in late 2014, the game features;

  • An Escher-esque world in which every visible surface is walkable.
  • Six gravitational fields to interact with and manipulate in order to solve puzzles.
  • Mindbending puzzles that will challenge your perspective and thinking process.
  • A unique architecture unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • Original music and audio by sound artist Kiku Hibino.

Definitely one to keep an eye on in 2014, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Check out the Relativity Game site here.

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