Shwip: Ship + Whip. The Only Shmup With a Whip

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Whips in space?  This is the basic idea behind Shwip, an unusual shoot ’em up, that features a whip.  Yes, a whip.  The game also features bullets and explosions and hordes of enemies that constantly try to swarm and destroy your ship.  The official game blurb tells us it’s a “relaxing” affair, but don’t believe them.  I see nothing relaxing about this game.

From the developer

Shwip is a relaxing dual stick action arcade shooter with special weapons and traits never before seen in the genre. Your ship comes equipped with a Shwip (It’s an incredibly awesome whip) that can be used along with other weapons in the game to destroy and incapacitate your enemies. Relax, sit back and enjoy the various game play modes ranging from relaxing to tense action.

The game is inspired, in part, by the very awesome Geometry Wars 1 & 2 from the now defunct Bizzare Creations.  And certainly, you can see that reflected in the frantic gameplay, and simple art style.

Shwip Gameplay

Shwip Gameplay

The game supports 3 player, local multiplayer, has an array of enemies to pit your skills agains, has multiple weapons (besides the whip),and has several play modes depending on your mood.

Relax Mode

Going out in 14 minutes and need a quick Swhip induced fix? Sit back and relax my friend. The difficulty slowly increases so you aren’t overwhelmed and there aren’t any upgrades, ship improvements, or time limits.

Style Mode

This is where you show off your newly formed Shwip skills. Link up attacks using different weapons, fly dangerously close to your foes, and; minimize your time spent out of bounds to increase your style multiplier. Then spend your hard earned points on upgrades to your Shwip’s awesome arsenal.


Chase a lone wolfpack through a vast sea of explosive Boomers and send him packing before the time limit is up. You have an entire arsenal at your disposal but be careful as one wrong hit will unleash the Boomers might.


Choose the enemy type and frequency and unleash your might. Great for learning how to gain style points or just to mess around and show off new skills to your friends and family.

Shwip is currently on Steam Greenlight, and is scheduled to be finished sometime this year.

Jamhammer Games is a two man indie dev team, based in Toronto.

Steam Greenlight page.

Jamhammer Games homepage.

Shwip game page.


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