Hyphen. A Mind-boggling, Pyschadelic Puzzle / Action Game for PC.

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Remember those fairground wire games with the looped wand, where you have to carefully thread it all the way to the end without sounding a buzzer?  Remember how you’d find yourself staring intently at it, not blinking, hardly breathing, with your tongue stuck out slightly?  Well, that’s Hyphen in a nutshell.

Hyphen looks simple enough.  Guide a rotating stick through a glowing, psychedelic vector maze, avoiding the obstacles and walls, and cross the finish line in a “par” time.  Well, like the simple fairground game, looks can be deceiving!  It takes intense concentration, meticulous and careful movement, and precise timing to navigate the course successfully.  Hyphen is an intense, puzzle / action game, designed to challenge and frustrate (in a good way), and is played against a pumping, electronic soundtrack.

Hyphen Gameplay


Hyphen is being developed by Farspace Studios, based in sunny Manchester, UK, and was founded by veteran game developers, Marc McCann and Robert Blackburn.

We make professional quality software and games independently of a publisher and don’t feel the need to spend millions of £’s on production.  Playing games has been a lifelong passion of both Marc and Robert, coupled with our 20+ combined years of software development experience and sheer drive to succeed we believe we can make a positive impact on the market and create high quality titles that stand out from those created by other independent developers. Being small isn’t an excuse for making sub par software, it is just another obstacle to work around and in a lot of ways beneficial.

Hyphen Gameplay


The expected release date is early 2014 for the Windows version, with XBox 360, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android version to follow at an undisclosed date.  The game is available for Pre order on PC,  right now.

Upon release the full game will have;

  • 36 challenging, mind-blowing level.
  • Full original soundtrack composed by Andrew Lloyd.
  • Unlockable bonus mini games.
  • Keyboard and Controller support.

Check out Farspace Studios and Hyphen here.

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