The Ember Conflict: New Touch Screen RTS For IPad

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Chinese indie developer Substantial Games is well on their way towards the debut of its first title, The Ember Conflict, a multiplayer RTS for the iPad. Designed specifically for touchscreen devices, The Ember conflict allows 1v1, or 2v2  real-time battles with other players. The game fully takes advantage of the touch screen interface by instead of mashing on-screen buttons to move your battalions, you give direction by drawing lines with  your fingers.




Substantial Games CEO, Pin Yang stated that The Ember Conflict will feature Warhammer inspired army customization, objectives, abilities for different characters, and maps with various type of terrain. Unfortunately as of now details are scarce at best, and the screenshots provide only a glimpse of how the game looks in action. The concept art, on the other hand, truly exciting.


The Ember Conflict is set to be released this Fall, to keep yourself up to date on this promising title visit


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