Forward To The Sky: Fast Paced Action Adventure With Swords

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Forward to the Sky is a fast paced action indie title in the works from developer Magichnology.  Little has been released besides some beautiful screen shots and some snippets of game play, but Magichnology promises a 2014 release date and a fully intact game.

smashin face

smashin face

On Magichnology’s website they were kind enough to post a little break down of the game.


Grow character’s attack with more combo slashes after exploring each level!


There are many traps, including rolling rock, hidden spear, floating floor and more! Be careful, and don’t forget traps also helps you to fight against monsters.

Break’em things

Try to break out things in sight and check out the surprise. But be careful, the broken pieces hurt



To learn more and keep up to date with announcements from Magichnology, visit their website here.

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