Olympia Rising. Old School Platforming Hits Kickstarter

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Olympia Rising is a 2-D action-adventure, retro styled, platforming tour de force.  The player controls Iola, the heroine and protagonist of the game, as she navigates through the many different regions of the Underworld.  Lush pixel art and fluid animation brings this 16-bit styled world to life as you jump, climb, slash, and blast your way through each stage of your epic adventure.

The Underworld is a realm of dread and misery. Spirits wander aimlessly with no purpose. Every hundred years, the Underworld is purged with a terrible flood of acid and bile. Aimed to punish the restless spirits, this torrent of acidic filth, conjured by Hades, washes over the entirety of the Underworld. However, there is one place that is safe from this punishment. Those who have proven themselves as heroes in the world of the living are given eternal rest in the Asphodel Fields – an island paradise separate from Hades’ domain.

A young hero named Iola resides in the Asphodel Fields, and her peaceful slumber is unexpectedly ended when scattered memories of her past life begin returning to her. It is said that it is possible to escape from the Underworld during the time of the purge, but no one has ever actually managed to achieve such a feat. Aware of the danger that will surely stand in her way, Iola attempts this fabled climb in hopes of reaching Mount Olympus, where Zeus, the all-knowing King of the Gods, might have the answers to her strange reawakening.

Olympia Rising Character Design

Olympia Rising Character Design

For anyone, like me, who is a big fan of 16 bit style retro games, a la SNES and Sega Genesis, this game looks and sounds like the real deal.  Just watching the video, and listening to the wonderful chip-tune soundtrack, brings back a wave of nostalgia.  Simple to pick-up but difficult to master, Olympia Rising promises to reward anyone willing to challenge themselves, as they climb and jump and hack and slash their way through the Underworld, with some classic platformer action.  True to the genre, players must collect coins and other treasures scattered throughout the levels as they race through each stage.  To continue onward, you must pay Charon the Ferryman at the end of each stage with the treasure you’ve collected.

The music is composed by Joe Jeremiah, a talented chip-tune musician and video blogger, renowned on Youtube for his “A-Bit of 8-Bit” channel.

Olympia Rising Gameplay

Olympia Rising Gameplay

The Albany based developers, Paleozoic, is a brand new game studio. Its goal is to build games that put emotion and drama back into action games.  Olympia Rising is currently under heavy development, and once completed, will be available on PC, Mac and Linux, through Steam (if Greenlighted).  The developers have also launched a Kickstarter to help finance the completion of the game.

You can download and play a demo of the game from the developer website.

Go and check out the Olympia Rising Kickstarter, and show these guys some love.

Visit the Paleozoic’s web page.

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