TOTM. Teach Your Enemies The Laws of Nature.

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TOTM is a multiplayer action game with real time strategy elements, centered around nature and animals fighting each other with magic.  Gameplay will feel familiar, as you make your way around a beautiful, large, natural environment, tracking down your enemies, and battling them with magical spells and powers.  Along the way, you’ll find items to boost your power, and give you additional spells.  In a nutshell, kill wandering creatures and your opponents, gain power, grab items, and stay one step ahead of your enemies.

TOTM Environment

TOTM Environment

TOTM is something like a combat-oriented, single-unit strategy-game. In addition to standard RPG spells and items (things like healing, ranged and melee damage, summons, auras, etc.), TOTM features more complex attack and defense mechanics that require player timing and reflexes to pull off successfully.  Some of the more advanced spells and items create their own “mini games” within the game.

TOTM will feature a soundtrack created specifically for the game, by Eric J. Gallardo, an accomplished musician, who has created works for film and theater, in addition to video game soundtracks.

TOTM Gameplay

TOTM Gameplay

The game was started in early 2011, and is now on Steam’s Greenlight, looking for support.  It is being developed by two brothers, Tobias & Daniel, who are building every aspect of the game from scratch, including a custom 3D game engine.

You can check out the project website here.

Check out the game on Steam Greenlight here.



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