Dawn of The Ronin Gets Greenlit.

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Dawn of The Ronin LogoDawn of The Ronin has been getting a great deal of positive attention recently.  Steam is abuzz, with the game sitting firmly at the top on Greenlight, and the indie press has been gushing over the beautiful visuals and fluid animation, seen in the teaser video and screenshots.  All of this praise is justified, because this game looks and promises to be really something special.

And now the game has been Greenlit, and the good folk at Valve are looking to publish the game on Steam, sometime in 2014.  The community has spoken, and we will all finally get to play this game.

Dawn of The Ronin

Dawn of The Ronin

The game is set in 16th century, feudal Japan, amid the turmoil and chaos surrounding the siege of Osaka, by the ambitious and powerful Tokugawa Ieyasu.  You play as a nameless Rōnin, left master-less and alone, fighting to defend Osaka from the Tokugawa regime.  The action takes place in a haunting, twilit world of shadows and silhouette, with epic battles set amongst atmospheric Japanese landscapes.  At the heart of this game is a rich, story driven hack and slash, beat-em-up, full of intense swordplay, and unique fighting styles.

Dawn of The Ronin

Dawn of The Ronin

Some of the game’s features include;

  • Unlock new sword stances and moves as you progress, giving you greater flexibility in combat.
  • Choose between a male or female warrior to protect your homeland, each with individual fighting styles and animations.
  • Utilize blocks, dodging and throwing attacks to defeat your opponents.
  • Experience the true beauty of the orient with highly stylized visuals and authentic soundtrack.
  • Witness history like never before, where fact and myth seamlessly intertwine in an engaging adventure across Japan.
  • Fight alongside legendary Samurai warriors in vicious and bloody skirmishes, with tasteful gore and dismemberment.

If this isn’t exciting enough, the developer has also promised additional features, including a multiplayer versus mode, similar to the old Jedi Knight / Jedi Academy duels, Leaderboards, and possibly co-op missions, which was the top requested feature on Greenlight.

Dawn of The Ronin Gameplay

Dawn of The Ronin Gameplay

Look out for Dawn of The Ronin, coming to PC and Steam sometime in 2014.

Visit the project Greenlight page on Steam.

Visit the Dawn of The Ronin Facebook page.

Visit the developer’s blog.

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