Scary Mostro: ‘To The Death’ Kickstarter Launched Today

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Indie developers Scary Mostro and Section Studios have teamed up to bring us a gravity defying action title akin to Gradius and Mortal Combat. The production team is head by Francesco Gigliotti and Todd Alderman were former lead engineer and designer at Infinity Ward, with experience on titles such as Call of Duty and Titanfall.

To The Death

To The Death Title

Coming to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, To The Death fuses the beat’em up and shoot’em up genres into something new and refreshing, offering a host of fun, innovative game play mechanics all at 60 frames per second!  You switch between playing as two great warriors who have killed each other but have a vendetta so deep, it continues after death.

To The Death Game Play

To The Death Game Play

The game will feature the ability to enhance your warriors on the go with new powers, weapons, and ways to influence the balance of battle in your favor. Each warrior will have its own abilities and power combinations so you can really get creative with how you melt faces.



The Kickstarter is well underway to its goal of $400,000 with $20,000 being pledged in just the first 24 hours. If To The Death is funded within 30 days you can expect to see it for download by the end of this year. Early backers will see some really cool perks, like new in game armor, a physical deck of To The Death playing cards, a signed illustrated To The Death hard back book and ‘Dinner with the Devs’.

To get more information on the game and help back To The Death, visit their Kickstarter page here

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