The Castle Doctrine Celebrates Their Successful Alpha by Challenging Players to Steal Real Money.

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Celebrating The Castle Doctrine’s forthcoming launch on January 29, and to mark the last week of a very successful alpha test, the developer has put up a real cash bounty of $3000USD, and is giving it away to players in the form of cash rewards.

From the Castle Doctrine’s website, here is how it will work ..

The contest will run until 5pm US PST on Monday, January 27. At that moment in time, whatever money you have in the game will be converted into real US Dollars and paid to you. Steal more, win more. Have your in-game money stolen from you, and the robber will win more.

I’m taking a fraction of The Castle Doctrine’s alpha-period earnings and putting up a game-wide bounty of $3000 USD. This amount will be divided among all living players at the 5pm deadline based on the fraction of total game money that each player possesses. The exchange rate will fluctuate throughout the contest period, according to how much total money accumulates in the game.

Also up for grabs are real world prizes, including custom giclee-printed renderings of player’s favorite in-game paintings, and home security gadgets.  This is a very cool and interesting move by Jason Rohrer, the developer of The Castle Doctrine.  Not only is it smart marketing, but he’s giving back some cool stuff to his Alpha players, and throwing down a fitting challenge all at the same time.

The Castle Doctrine


The Castle Doctrine








The Castle Doctrine is a massively multiplayer game about burglary and home defense.  All players start with a basic house and a limited budget, and must build security systems in order to keep other players out, and prevent them from stealing their stuff.  The security systems take the form of tricks, traps and puzzles, and players must use  burglary tools in order to break through the security of other players’ houses to steal money and so further build their own defenses.  It is a unique and challenging game, and already has a solid following.

The Castle Doctrine


You can join the fun by buying the Alpha release for $8.  For that investment, you’ll get access to DRM free versions for Windows and Mac, as well as source code for the game.  The price also includes the game at launch, available on Steam, and all future updates.  An excellent deal!

Check out The Castle Doctrine’s web page here.

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