Be Bad, Spread Rainbows and Happiness

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You are a colorful blob named Devious Deb. You’ve just run aground on a black-and-while island full of miserable blobs. You just so happen to have a rainbow cannon that you shoot into the sky to spread happiness, and color across their land… You are the bad guy.

Rainbow is a game about driving rainbows through the sky using your fingers. This simple mechanic feels good on the fingers and provides enough challenge and variety to tickle the brain – TCHOW

Rainbow was just recently launched by indie developer TCHOW (The Chicken’s House of Wacky) specifically for iOS and Android. The goal is to direct a rainbow with your finger through tricky levels to their designated targets, akin to playing the missiles in missile command.

Rainbow Gameplay

Rainbow Gameplay

As you’d expect, the levels are easy to start off with as there is nothing getting in the way of your rainbow as it brings color and smiles to the island’s inhabitants. The first level is depicted below, and all you have to do is use your finger to drag the rainbow to each of the people at the bottom of the screen.

Rainbow First Level

Rainbow First Level

While Rainbow’s control mechanics are simple, the levels get exponentially harder as you progress.  Crafty levels and puzzling hazards will test your reflexes and reasoning. Badges for keeping a finger on the screen, conserving frequency bands, and getting collectible stars add to the challenge.

There are so many things to do in the game, including

  • Steering rainbows through 30+ levels
  • Mind melting obstacles
  • Clean, minimal art style
  • Badges and stars for added challenge
  • Plot, includes NEARLY seven* lines of dialog

Rainbow is available now for download on both android and iOS for a mere $2.

Visit TCHOWs website here to download Rainbow  or check out some of their other great titles here

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