Solar Flux: Save The Universe With Puzzles

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Solar Flux HD is a space puzzle title produced by Firebrand games which sends you into deep space, alone on a mission to refuel the many stars of the galaxy. Over the course of 82 levels your ships mission is to collect fuel (called flux), and shoot them into dying stars to prevent them from going supernova, keep them from collapsing, and basically save the universe from going dark.

Try to get the best scores by using as little fuel as possible leveraging the gravitational pull of interstellar objects such as planets, moons and asteroids. Preserve your heat shields by cooling down in the shadows and be careful of stray meteors.

The game has some challenging gravitational physics where its both your friend and enemy. Gravity is not quite what you might expect, but it’s very consistent. Your ship is subject to inertia, and you have to account for it when firing away at your thrusters. Objects in space will pull you in, solar flares will lash out and  black holes will squish you. On the same page, you can also make use of all those things to pull off amazing feats of stellar acrobatics.

Solar Flux Game Play

Solar Flux Game Play

The challenge becomes evident when you have to pay close attention to one of the meters that measure your existence. Some stages have to be completed within a certain amount of time. In these, the suns constantly works against you, pushing you quickly and far off course. Others require you to watch  your shields and damage because being exposed to the sun depletes them, orbiting too close and being exposed too long requires hiding behind planets to cool off.

Space Station

Space Station

Solar Flux is hardcore about its puzzles, both in sheer complexity and execution. At times the game is terribly frustrating and at others the satisfaction of saving all the suns on a level without melting down keeps you coming back for more.  With 82 levels to save at $1.99 (a steal of a price) picking up this game is a no brainer.

For more information about the Solar Flux and Firebrand Games, visit their website here.

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