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Magnus Jones Brings the Funk and the Fight to Yggdrasil – Soul Fjord Now Available on OUYA

Launch Trailer Shows the Nightlife of the Afterlife as Magnus Jones Battles to the Beat

OUYA and Airtight Games today announced that Soul Fjord is now available exclusively on OUYA. In Soul Fjord, Magnus Jones must bust moves and bad guys on his way up the tree of life in a quest to reach Valhalla, the underworld’s hottest club, and save us all from Ragnarok. The game is now available on OUYA for free with in-game purchases.

A rhythm-based roguelike game, Soul Fjord fuses two distinctly different types of games, as well as two different themes. Portal lead designer Kim Swift and the team at Airtight Games have created an experience where gamers have one life to fight through a number of dungeons on their way up Yggdrasil, the tree of life, timing their attacks and combos with the rhythm of the game’s music. Austin Wintory, an award-winning composer who has scored games like Journey,Monaco, and The Banner Saga, created a musical style that blends funky fresh sounds and Viking tradition. For more information on the music of Soul Fjord, check out a dev diary from Airtight and Austin Wintory here.

Check out the Soul Fjord web site here.

Check out OUYA here.

Definitely the sweetest game you’ll have ever played!

It’s all about building a kingdom out of candy, in a world made entirely of… candy!

Shake Well Games announces the release of their latest game Candies VS Hypnodeer, a Match-3 game with a strategy construction twist. Join 3 adjacent buildings to create better ones! Collect coins and points while fighting off the hypnodeer. But beware… some of them use JETPACKS!

Features include; Engaging, sandbox gameplay, lots of sugar! and cross-platform competition enabled via online high-scores.

Grab the game now and start building your own candy empire. 8 different types of buildings (Sugar Blocks, Chocolate Shelter, Ice Cream Tree House, Muffin House, Cupcake Mansion, Carrot Cake Villa, Marshmallow Fortress, Cream Horn Castle) 2 special items (Baking Powder, Hot Milk) and 2 types of Hypnodeer. Make yourself a pleasure of getting hypnotized in ‘Candies VS Hypnodeer’ and beat your friends high-scores on-line!

Get the game on Google Play.

Gamistry’s Scrap Tank launch Google Play Store on January 29th

Scrap Tank, the old-school style arcade shoot ’em up from iOS is coming to the Google Play Store on January 29th.

Since it’s release on iOS, Scrap Tank has been downloaded over half a million times on iOS and has an average iTunes rating of 4.5 stars.
The game has been heavily enhanced for its Android debut with a completely redesigned intuitive control scheme, new level system, many interface upgrades and more.

Take control of the Scrap Tank and fight through hordes of tanks, helicopters, jets, artillery, missiles, kamikaze bots and more! Earn scrap through destruction of your enemies and turn your tank into a metal monstrosity with six upgradable weapons.  With over 100 of carefully designed waves, Scrap Tank will give you hours of challenging gameplay.

Android users will be the first to get their hands on the new Scrap Tank 1.2 update, iOS will follow soon.

Gamistry Games on Facebook

Scrap Tank on Facebbook

Gamistry Games on Youtube

Gamistry Games Web site

The Tribloos 2 set for launch on Steam

Kiss Ltd is pleased to announce that ‘THE TRIBLOOS 2’, the sequel to the best-selling time management game ‘The Tribloos’ launches on Steam this Thursday 30th January 2014.

TRIBLOOS 2 is a time management game designed by Andy Yates and Richard Bawden from indie dev team ‘The Bumpkin Brothers’. The artwork was created by renowned game artist John Dunn.

Despite being the work of a small team Tribloos 2 has a long list of amazing features including 75 Brand New Levels; 5 Original Bonus Levels; 15 Challenge Levels; 20+ minutes Original Soundtrack and 20+ Achievements.

A DRM Free version will also be made available for a simultaneous release.

Check out Tribloos 2 on The Bumpkin Brothers web site.

Founded in 2009, The Bumpkin Brothers are two coders from the English countryside, Andy Yates and Richard Bawden. Initially they were going to be a crime fighting duo but after failing to develop any super-powers they decided that making computer games was more fun. In addition to making games, they enjoy a spot of afternoon tea and cake and playing Team Fortress.

Team Elders launches The Conflict Room

2nd prize winner Global Game Jam Amsterdam

During this year’s Global Game Jam, Team ‘The Elders’ made The Conflict Room, a multiscreen local multiplayer strategy game. The project was made during the Global Game Jam in 48 hours at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The Conflict Room is now available for free and can be played here.

The Conflict Room is a local multiplayer strategy game in which players rule a country. Before the game starts each player receives a secret mission which needs to be completed in order to win.

In turns players need to allocate personnel to boost their military, agriculture or scientific capabilities. Each turn one country triggers an event on which the other players need to react. Two options are offered and the remaining 3 players need to vote how the event will be played out. Events can have an effect on a countries’ capabilities and are used to accomplish one’s secret mission.

The Conflict Room is played using one main screen (which all players can see) that displays each countries’ stats and events, plus four interface devices (this can be either a tablet or laptop). The easiest way to play is to hook up a host computer to a TV and to let the four players connect to that game.

Superstar Games Unleashes Touch Force On App Store

Just when we thought nothing more could be done with the Shoot ’em Up genre, Superstar Games steps in and delivers it’s unique multi-touch shooter Touch Force.

Touch Force brings a fresh new spin to the Shoot ’em Up genre. With it’s totally unique controls and gameplay, it’s quickly becoming a favourite shooter for many. In Touch Force, the player shoots through hordes of enemies and fights intense battles with bosses. Touch Force will literally put power at your fingertips, all five of them!

Features include; Free to play Universal App, multi-touch controls with up to 5 touches, single player or co-op play on same device, Arcade Mode and Boss Mode.

Get the game from the AppStore here.

Visit the Superstar Games web site.


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