11 Bit Studios Releases The Soundtracks From All Of Its Games For Free

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11 Bit Studios

11 Bit Studios Soundtracks

Ok, this is very cool!  11 Bit Studios, the creator of the critically acclaimed Anomaly series, has released all of the soundtracks from its games for free.  If you loved the orchestrated Anomaly music, the 70s funk of Funky Smugglers or the soothing tunes from Sleepwalker’s Journey, you can have them all today, completely free.

The composer of all the tracks is the super talented Piotr Musial, who is currently one of the hottest composers in Poland, having worked on music for Bulletstorm and The Witcher.

What I really like about working with 11 bit studios is that they keep feeding me with different musical challenges. The Anomaly series soundtracks, with which we began our collaboration, are orchestral-synth hybrids, full of dynamic moments, wicked electronic sounds, ethnic instruments and big drums. Sleepwalker’s Journey required a completely different kind of music, so a soothing lullaby album with piano, celesta and bells was the fruit of my labor. And of course, if I had to pick the game that I had the most fun scoring, that would be Funky Smugglers. The fact that it resulted in an album with vocals and stuff was a surprise to me, too. I used to be kind of a sworn enemy of vocal music until that moment.

Piotr Musial

Get all the music for free from 11 Bit Studios.

Visit Piotr Musial’s web site here.


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