Cosmochoria Announced for PC & Mac in 2014

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If flying around naked with a jetpack, planting seeds, blasting aliens and saving the Universe sounds like your idea of fun, then Cosmchoria just might be the game for you.

Indie developer Nate Schmold has announced his latest creation Cosmochoria.  Cosmochoria is a love letter to old-school action / arcade games like Asteroids, Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, and features a quest to achieve a high score amidst a galaxy constructed of beautiful hand-illustrated vector graphics.

Cosmochoria Screenshot

Cosmochoria Screenshot

By planting seeds on long-barren planets, a cute little pink naked guy is able to sprout new plant life which in turn provides new seeds to continue the cosmic germination. While seeds are being planted, crisply illustrated cartoon aliens, robots and bosses attack relentlessly

and must be fought off either by building supporting towers which automatically shoot them out of the sky—or by the upgradeable sidearm.

Coming from a background in illustration, web design and as a moderately successful indie musician and record label (Neferiu Records) owner since 1999, Nate Schmold’s creative abilities combine under the roof of his one-man studio ’30/30’ to produce his first commercially released game for Mac & PC.

Game Features:

  • Relaxing single player High Score arcade action.
  • Plant seeds to sprout new plants, new plants give more seeds.
  • Build pyramid bases to shoot down aliens while you plant.
  • Procedurally generated galaxy. Each game is unique.
  • Baby-time training mode for those who lack real gumption.
  • Aliens drop crystals from their bums when killed.
  • Spend your crystals at the upgrade shop to improve your abilities.
  • Radical interstellar boss fights.
  • Mini-Map Upgrade to plot your journey.
  • Fresh electronic soundtrack by Ilkae & Zebra.
  • Hand Crafted 1080p vector illustration stylee.
  • Befriend an old hermit alien at his wooden shack.
  • Discover hidden artifacts strewn across the galaxy.
  • Combine the artifacts…


Cosmochoria Screenshot

Cosmochoria Screenshot

The game features a fresh experimental electronic soundtrack by Ilkae, Zebra and Nate Schmold himself (under his music alter-ego “Mantrakid”), which infuses the game with a uniquely cool style.

Cosmochoria is almost halfway to the top 100 on Steam Greenlight in just one week, with an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stages of development beginning in April.

Check out the official Cosmochoria site here.

Check out Cosmochoria on Steam Greenlight.

Follow the game’s progress on Twitter.

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