Indielicious Indie Game News Roundup for February 3rd

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Last Call: Games for Change Awards Deadline This Week (Feb. 5)

Games for Change

Games for Change

Games for Change will be hosting its 11th Anniversary Games for Change Festival (April 22-26;, this year as a part of the  Tribeca Film Festival.

Games for Change would like to invite developers to submit any games for impact that they’ve released or will release between April 1, 2013, and April 1, 2014 to our annual awards ceremony, the  Games for Change Awards. You can find the criteria and submission form here: The deadline is  Feb. 5, 11:59 pm EST.

The Games for Change Awards are hosted at the Tribeca Festival and are meant to highlight the most impactful, innovative, and engaging games. Among last year’s Awards nominees, two of the developers had games published on Steam (Filament Games, the studio behind  Reach for the Sun; and Lucas Pope, creator of  Republia Times, Papers Please).

Have an unfinished game?  Then consider pitching your in-development game to top funders at our  Pitch Event: Deadline: Feb. 7, 11:59 p.m EST.

UK Devs Team Up For The Great British Game Jam 2014!



Three notable UK developers have teamed up for an all new game jam titled The Great British Game Jam 2014.

Taking place on the 6-7th February 2014 The Great British Game Jam will feature participating teams from UK developers Team17, Bossa Studios and Future Games of London.

The theme of the jam will be revealed to the teams on the 6th February by independent body Ukie. Teams will then have 48 hours to come up with a prototype from scratch with judging taking place over the course of the weekend by a panel from Ukie. The results will be shared by 10am on the 11th February.

Imre Jele, Co-founder and Creator-in-Chief at Bossa Studios, has long been a fan of game jam methodology, “The monthly Game Jams at Bossa Studios are a treasure trove of creativity. With over 50 prototypes created these events provide us with an invaluable opportunity to explore novel game ideas and to improve our skills to craft immersive and surprising games. We are very excited to share that experience with other great developers during the Great British Game Jam.”

Industry veteran and Managing Director of Team17, Debbie Bestwick, added, “I am delighted for Team17 to be involved in the Great British Game Jam. The intensity of pitting creativity and rapid prototyping against the clock can have exciting and unexpected results. I’m eager to see what the event delivers.”

You can follow the progress of The Great British Game Jam on Twitter @thegbjam and #gbgj14.

Oniken hits Steam on February 5th

JoyMasher announces the imminent release of their lates game Oniken, on Steam.

The game that will be released on Steam is a refined version of the original Oniken, with updated graphics, new and rearranged soundtracks, stage rebalancing, Steam integration features such as leaderboards and achievements, and the new Hardcore mode. In this new gameplay mode, player must beat the game in one run without continues which guarantees extra points to the final score and revelations about the real ending.

Oniken is an action platformer, highly inspired by 8-bit games of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s made by Brazilian indie group JoyMasher.

JoyMasher is an indie game studio founded by Danilo Dias, Thais Weiller and Marco Galvão on early 2012. Studio focus on creating gaming experiences closest possible to 8 and 16-bit era games with a touch of contemporary concepts. Besides Oniken, JoyMasher also made available for free download MRC6-454 and Major Maox, two short games that represent our game design goals.

Check out Oniken here.

Check out JoyMasher here.

Wax Lyrical Games announces adventure game, Mega Bad Code

Mega Bad Code

European video game developer Wax Lyrical Games are pleased to announce its kooky ‘point and click’ adventure game Mega Bad Code, for desktops and mobiles. Mega Bad Code throws players into a cyberpunk dystopia to unravel the identity of a brutal serial killer terrorizing the giant city of Blueban. Mega Bad Code features vibrant hand-drawn graphics, a large game world to explore, original musical score and full voice-over cast.

To mark this announcement Wax Lyrical Games has launched the official game website with four screen shots and core-character profiles. The web site features game news, information, screen shots and other media. “Mega Bad Code blends comic-style surrealism with a dark and unnerving seriousness. It’s a thought-provoking and kooky journey into the near future where players must solve a mystery full of dangerous twists and turns” says designer and creator Alan Thorn of Wax Lyrical Games. “There’s something here to intrigue most gamers: varied locations, challenging puzzles, bizarre characters, sinister goings-on and touches of weirdness throughout”. Players can expect to visit the Cyberpunk megalopolis in late 2014. Mega Bad Code will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Check out the Mega Bad Code web site here.

Xbox’s Best Selling Indie Title CastleMiner Z Releases on Steam February 3rd

DigitalDNA Game’s best selling title CastlMiner Z will now be available on Steam come February 3rd.

“This marks an important milestone for DigitalDNA Games”, says studio owner Tom Steinke.  “We have worked so hard to provide this game on different platforms for our fans and being a part of Steam is a crowning achievement towards this goal.”

For a limited time, DigitalDNA Games will be providing a 15% discount off of the sales price of $9.99 as a special promotion to all their fans.  “We really want to thank our long standing fans by offering a discount on the new platform because the reality is, we couldn’t have done it without them”, said Steinke.

To get your copy of the all-time best selling Xbox Indie game, now on Steam, keep watch on their Steam Greenlight page and get ready to click “buy” on February 3rd, their official release date.

Check out CastleMiner Z on Steam.

Visit DigitalDNA Games web site.

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