Composer Alexander Brandon’s Upcoming Collaboration Album Successfully Funded

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Just Fun is a musical journey featuring over a dozen collaborators from the videogame industry and indie game scene

Composer and project founder, Alexander Brandon – best known for his work on the Deus Ex, Unreal, and Jazz Jackrabbit franchises – announced his Kickstarter campaign on Monday, and within just 16 hours, Just Fun reached its modest funding goal of $6,000, showing that there’s an enthusiastic and expectant audience for this exciting album.¬† A number of stretch goals have been added, including an entire second disc of remixes for backers to enjoy.

Just Fun has been two years in the making and will bring together Brandon’s knack for crafting memorable melodies and enveloping atmospheres with a long list of renowned collaborators, including Jake “virt” Kaufman (of Double Dragon Neon and Shovel Knight), Grant “Stemage” Henry (of Metroid Metal), Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson (of Mass Effect 2 and Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2), Andrew Aversa (of Soul Calibur V) and Danny Baranowsky (of Super Meat Boy!), each of whom lends their own signature style to Brandon’s repertoire.

“There was something really special about older game scores like¬† Deus Ex that’s been lost over the years,” reflects Alexander Brandon. “This album is not only an expression of creativity but an attempt to recapture that unique quality.”

Just Fun

Just Fun

The full track list and collaborator credits for Just Fun are as follows:

  1. “Introduction”
  2. “A Thousand Words” (Feat. Jameson Sutton and Stemage)
  3. “On a Dark and Stormy Night”
  4. “Chronophasia” (Feat. virt)
  5. “Twilight Floating” (Feat. Erik Peabody)
  6. “Oath of the Matron” (Feat. Andrew Aversa and Jillian Aversa)
  7. “More”
  8. “God bless the child that’s got his own” (original by Avery Brooks)
  9. “Infinity” (Feat. Big Giant Circles, original by Andrew Sega/Paul Schultz)
  10. “Overture of the Avatar” (Feat. DJ Bottles)
  11. “The Blue Hour” (Feat. Bryan Rudge)
  12. “Hypercontrol” (original by Andrew Sega, guitar by Craig Rundels)
  13. “The Willowdale Handcar” (Feat. Danny Baranowsky)
  14. “Epilogue”

With the bulk of composition already complete, the money raised through Kickstarter (excluding stretch goals) will be used to hire world-class sound engineers to give Just Fun the extra polish it deserves, as well as produce a physical version of the album for backers.

Brandon and the team are just getting started, however. With 28 days to go in the funding campaign, they’ll be looking to reach the $15,000 stretch goal to produce an entire extra album’s worth of remixes.

The Kickstarter reward tiers are generous, with a digital version of the album available for just $10, a signed physical copy for $25, other albums in Brandon’s catalog and even a custom-created single just for you at the highest backer level of $500.

“What a joy and a pleasure to work with a composer as legendary and bald as Alex Brandon!,” comments collaborator Andrew “zircon” Aversa. “Fun fact: If you play our collaboration backwards, you can hear Jill singing the Deus Ex theme. Try it! I’m absolutely not lying for this quote.” Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson also contemplates, “If the laws of nature permitted it, I would bear the children of Alex’s album, Just Fun. But I can’t because I don’t have the right lady parts and because an album is an inanimate object that can’t impregnate a person anyway. Which is a shame, because it’s really sexy.”

Visit the Just Fun project Kickstarter page and become a backer.

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