Faeries and Dragons! Mythic Mahjong Released On iOS

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Pie Powered Games and Marmalade Play announced the release of their latest game today, Mythic Mahjong for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Mythic Mahjong takes the classic genre of match two mahjong games and turns it on its head, adding magical tiles, boss battles and an epic storyline with beautiful hand painted graphics.

Mythic Mahjong Dragon

Mythic Mahjong Dragon

For many years now the Faerie Realm has existed in peace and tranquility. But as the sun rose this morning that peace was shattered.  The great Jeweled Dragon of the Frozen North, that has slumbered for so many centuries has awoken. Somehow he has learned of the great jewels that our fair Queen possesses: the enchanted jewels that are the source of all life in this Realm.  Being obsessed with jewels of all kind, the Dragon grew jealous of these jewels and finally leaving his frozen cave in the North, he flew South and attacked the Queen’s castle.

And so the story begins.

The game features a relaxing soundtrack by composer Jim Rolfe, and beautiful hand painted backgrounds by AAA environment artist Damon DuBois.  There are two game play modes; Freeplay and Adventure, and each offer the player an array of challenging Mahjong layouts to solve.

One of the major differences between this mahjong game and others is the addition of Magic Tile.  Embedded in each layout are tiles that cause magical effects, such as Faerie Tiles that release trapped Faeries, Crystal Orbs Tiles that reveal hidden tile matches, Hourglass Tiles that give more time to the player, and Dragon’s Breath Tiles, that allow the player to destroy select tiles.

Mythic Mahjong Boss Battle

Mythic Mahjong Boss Battle

In Adventure Mode, the player embarks on an epic quest to find and retrieve the magical gems that were stolen from the Faerie Queen.  Each layout hides 2 gems that must be uncovered and matched to win the level.  Every few layouts, the player must face and defeat a Boss creature, matching special magical tiles to launch devastating attacks on them.  The journey through the magical land is tracked on a map, and told through story cut scenes.

Mythic Mahjong Map

Mythic Mahjong Map

Adventure Mode has 65 layouts to master and beat, 6 Bosses to best and destroy, and a final battle with the Jeweled Dragon of The Frozen North.

In Freeplay Mode, the player can play any of 120 challenging layouts in either standard tile mode or “Magic Tile” mode, essentially doubling up the number of layouts available.

The game is available for iOS and an Android version will be coming out in a few weeks time.

Buy the game from the Apple App Store.

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