Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, First “Yoga-Action Platformer”, Only For PS4.

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This is why I love indie games, and why I spend all my time either playing them or writing them.  You just don’t get this sort of creativity and experimentation in AAA titles, and it is really up to developers like Grande Games to push the envelope and try new ways to play and control games.

Stuttgard based indie developer, Grande Games are working on their PS4 exclusive platform game, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey.  The game makes use of the Playstation 4 Eye camera, and Dualshock 4 controller simultaneously, allowing the player to create platforms with their bodies and move the on-screen character around.  The developers are describing the game as a “Yoga-Action-Platformer”.  A new genre.

The player is shaping the platforms with his body silhouette, which is captured and isolated by the PlayStation 4 Eye camera.  Additionally, the player has to fit his silhouette into given shapes and thus perform energetic space Yoga figures. The Dualshock 4 controller is used to control Commander Cherry in a classic platformer manner.

The video shows a mysterious player wearing a horse mask (no idea), forming the platforms with his body to enable the game’s protagonist to navigate the level, bridging gaps and allowing them to reach high up platforms.  The player strikes a pose and the camera captures a silhouette and places it on the screen.  There’s also a lightsaber weapon in the game to cut through objects, created with the Dualshock 4′s lightbar.


  • Innovative hybrid gameplay. Control Commander Cherry with the Dualshock 4® and shape platforms with your body through the PlayStation 4 Eye camera® at the same time
  • Implicit “on the fly” co-op mode. Become the commander and give commands to your friend (while relaxing on the couch)
  • Use your awesome Dualshock 4® lightsaber to cut the platforms and defend yourself
  • Become a true Yoga-Master by matching your silhouette in given shapes
  • Explore beautiful planets on your journey, meet crazy space citizens and help them solve their problems

Although the game has no release date as yet, we can expect it to show up some time in 2014.

Check out Grande Games’ web page here.


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