Fading Hearts Greenlit on Steam, Peaked in the Top 20 Steam Seller’s List

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Sakura River Interactive’s interactive visual novel, Fading Hearts, has been Greenlit on Steam, and has peaked in the Top 20 Steam Seller’s List. Now featuring updated monster art, user interface and battle effects, Fading Hearts has already set itself apart from others in the genre by allowing players to change the style of game depending on the choices they make.

Fading Hearts is an interactive visual novel  where you play the role of Ryou, a seemingly normal high school student in the land of Sorayama. Live a normal high school life, ignorant of the secrets around you or seek adventure and solve the mysteries surrounding you and save Claire – the choice is yours!

Fading Hearts Screenshot

Fading Hearts Screenshot

The game is unique in that it infuses a dating and life simulator with RPG elements that can drastically change the flow of the game. While visual novels are known for their many choices and high replay value, Fading Heartstakes that to a whole new level by incorporating a new genre to the mix. The choices you make are endless, who knows what story you will unfold?

Fading Hearts is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux and can be bought on SteamSakura River’s website or at select Toronto retailers for $14.95. As a special promotion, Fading Hearts will be available for 25% off on Steam until February 12.

Buy Fading Hearts on Steam.

Check out Sakura River’s web site.


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