Fatleg Games Brings SUPER 4 to Mobile ..

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.. and no, it’s not another match 3 game!

The good folks at Fatleg have announced the release of SUPER 4, for iOS and Android devices.

Super 4 is a strategy and puzzle game designed for intense and quick play sessions.  The rules are simple; outsmart your opponent to leave him with no moves or finish with the most pieces.  Duplicate your pieces up, down, left or right, or jump one space diagonally. Landing next to your opponent’s piece will claim it.  A game of strategy and cunning.

SUPER 4 Boards

SUPER 4 Boards

The game supports up to 4 players playing simultaneously, so you can play with friends.  If you don’t have any friends, you can play against AI computer controlled players, which will give you a good challenge.  There are 3 difficulty levels to suit all skills and a total of 18 boards to play on.  All this exciting gameplay is accompanied by an exclusive toe-tapping soundtrack.

So how do you play?  Well, the rules are simple.  Group 4 pieces together in a square formation to build a SUPER 4.  That’s it.  The SUPER 4 is the ultimate power on the board, and they can jump to any available spot to create a locked piece which has an even greater duplicating power.  Using your Super 4’s at the right time is the key to a winning strategy.

Check out the titlepage!  It’s worth $0.99 just for this funky, electronic goodness!

Video game veteran, Jonathan Dunn, is the man behind SUPER 4.  Dunn is better known for his 8bit compositions on the Commodore 64 and Spectrum. Most notably Robocop, which was recently featured in the titles of Charlie Brooker’s documentary, ‘How Video Games Changed The World’.

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