ikoid.com Releases “Droid Jam” Bundle For Android

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ikoid Droid Jam Bundle

ikoid Droid Jam Bundle

Rap-battle a French DJ with dual-wield keyboards and a jetpack, invent punk rock, create a concept album about assassin robots, and save poultry thrown into an insanely long tube. These are just a few of the things Android gamers are invited to do in the latest installment of the series of Android game bundles by ikoid.com. Featuring 5 indie games packed with bold and original ideas, 3 of which are music-themed, ikoid’s sixth Android-only game bundle offers Frederic Resurrection of Music, A Story of a Band, Chiptune Runner, Soul Power and Chicken’s Can’t Fly for 78% off the usual retail price.

Two of the games start off locked. Under the share-what-you-want model introduced by ikoid.com, one of the games will be unlocked once a total of 100 likes/tweets/+1’s about the bundle happen, while the threshold for unlocking the second game is set at 200 shares in those social media sites. With the recent release (in open beta) of ikoid’s Android app, which makes it easy to download, install, uninstall, update and launch the collection of games purchased in bundles, ikoid.com gives Android gamers even more reasons to share and enjoy these indie game bundles.

For just $1.49 Android gamers will get:

Frederic Resurrection of Music – Go on an unforgettable journey around the world with the world’s greatest composer, Frederic Chopin. He gets brought back to life into a world full of commercialized soulless music.  Saddened by this state of affairs he chooses to once again prove that he is the best, and that music can be something more than same-sounding radio hits. It can spread joy, induce passion and bring love.

A Story of a Band – Put on your leather jacket, grab your guitar and lead your band to success in this management game filled with attitude!  Make albums, perform in concerts, challenge other bands, train your band members, acquire new skills, buy items and modify your band’s style and public image the way you want. Whether you want to make a fast and aggressive underground punk band, a melodic and emotional mainstream power metal band, or an experimental progressive rock group, the choice is yours.

Chiptune Runner – Chiptune Runner is an indie music video game where an endless runner meets step sequencer. Take your hero on an exciting journey through platform levels, fight epic battles against bosses, make your own chiptunes, be the Chiptune Runner!

Soul Power – Explore the afterlife as a ghost with no recollection of the past. In Soul Power you play as a fresh spirit, new to the world of the afterlife. You’ll quickly realise that you can float, teleport, and explore the memories of other ghosts – and this is where you develop your new purpose. You set out to help others to come to terms with their deaths, and in the process learn something about the nature of life and death yourself.

Chickens Can’t Fly – Plunge towards the depths of a chicken-powered science facility! Enjoy endless free-falling excitement in a wacky world. Avoid meat-grinders in the butchery, pass silently through the scary cemetery, bravely face a battlefield, survive the science lab and dive deep underwater!

Droid Jam contains a selection of five high quality indie Android games and is available to purchase for the next 14 days only at ikoid.com for the reduced price of $1.49.

Check out the deal on the ikoid.com web site

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