ChaosTrend Releases ‘Exo Miner’ on Steam Greenlight

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Exo Miner

Exo Miner

ChaosTrend have submitted their new game Exo Miner to Steam Greenlight. This terrific looking game is in early alpha and has many awesome screen grabs on display on their Greenlight page.

Exo Miner is a procedurally generated, action based mining, exploration, construction and defense game.  Travel to unexplored sectors of space, claim new sectors for mining, set up defences, buy new ships and drones then customise them to fit your play style. Define patrol routes for protection or attack claimed sectors. Defend your own sectors from rival companies and leave your mark by building the biggest space mining corporation in the galaxy. Can you build a corporation to rival the mighty Europa Mining Company?

With Exo Miner, we’ve tried to create an impression of the vastness of space, to create a game world where you truly feel like a pioneer at the edge of a new frontier – finding resources, exploring strange new systems and building your stellar empire. Exo Miner caters for a variety of play styles from defensive and constructive to more direct approaches. Enter undiscovered sectors, uncover hidden secrets of civilizations past and then stake your claim – whilst keeping an eye out for whatever fate befalls your predecessors.

Exo Miner

Exo Miner

Head on over to the Greelight page and add your support to the team if this game looks like your cup of tea.

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