Creative Genius’s Starlight Kickstarter Campaign Final Hours

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The Starlight Kickstarter campaign only has 48 hours to go and around £800 left to raise.

A shattered Sun, an eternal night, a frightened boy, a wish upon a star, a journey begins with only his courage and an unlikely friend.

Starlight is an adventure platform game riddled with puzzles, traps and opportunities for exploration, where you play as both Timothy Brave, a boy afraid of the dark, and Altair, a shooting star, on a journey through a world almost completely devoid of light.

Starlight is a game with a unique playing style, where Timothy and Altair are equal partners and not just another boy with another non-playable guardian watching over him. The player controls both characters simultaneously, and uses each of their traits to help the other overcome their obstacles. Timothy cannot be left for long in the darkness and will be startled by the shapes and sounds coming from the places unseen. Altair on the other hand, cannot pass through water, reflective surfaces and several other horrors, that can make things very unpleasant for both heroes. So as the player, you must get Timothy to collect up the pieces of a shattered Sun, while creatively thinking of ways to keep him in the light. Relying on Timothy’s physical body and strong emotions, you can give Altair the freedom he needs to unleash his unique assortment of skills. Imagination is your main weapon in this game, and creative exploration is a must.

Check out Starlight’s Kickstarter page and become a backer.

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