Digital Tentacle “Circuits” Music-Based Puzzle Game Coming Soon

February 14, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Digital Tentacle are getting ready to launch their new music-based puzzle game on iOS in the next few weeks, and are looking to get the game released on Steam Greenlight too.

Circuits is music puzzle game where the player must reconstruct music tracks from sliced up pieces.  The concept is quite simple, yet challenging, and if you’re into laying down some banging tracks, it should be rewarding too.  The track is laid out like a circuit with nodes representing pieces of the overall track.  As time passes, the lines connecting the nodes flood fill, and when the light reaches a node the track piece is triggered.

Watch the video above for a demo and explanation.

Check out the projects Steam Greenlight page.

Follow Digital Tentacle on Facebook.

Listen to the Circuits soundtrack on Soundcloud.

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