Legendary to Release Year 0 Open Beta on March 3rd.

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Indie Developer Legendary Games are set to release their much anticipated massively multiplayer online strategy game Year 0 into Open Beta on March 3rd.

Year 0 - Base

Year 0 – Base

Join the battle to survive!

The War raged globally for a decade, gradually sweeping away the old order and replacing it with anarchy. With a final crescendo, it reached its cataclysmic finale, and only now have the ashes settled enough for the survivors to emerge from their underground bunkers once again.

In the aftermath a new age for humanity has begun. The world is a broken hellish version of its former self. By day the sun is visible as a faint ghost through the pall, a memory of golden promise. Rain spits black torrents from the heavens. Stagnant rivers reflect the hazy sheen in an inverted pall. Black trees morph and twist out of the hellish bracken.

No matter though, the bunkers are still operational. While scavengers forage the ruins of civilisation for anything that might ensure another day of survival, mechanised factories continue to provide sufficient material to ensure death at high velocities. There isn’t much left, but it is worth fighting for…

The War may be over, but the Battle has only just begun. It is Year 0.

Year 0 - Control Room

Year 0 – Control Room

Year 0  not only resets the clock thematically, but it also draws a line in the sand and marks the birth of HTML5 as a serious platform for creating games good enough to take on native language applications.

Ewan Lamont, CEO of Legendary Games, said;

HTML5 is seen by many as the language of the future for games and applications but the question has been when will that future come.  The answer is now. HTML5 games have previously been dogged by browsers and devices failing to implement the latest standards, so most game studios have steered clear of developing on this platform leaving it to the brave pioneers of the future. But now that browsers and devices have caught up sufficiently and there are some serious supporting tools, it is finally possible to create good looking animated 3D games that can be run on any device and discovered in any portal or app store.

Year 0 has been developed by a small group of industry veterans, and Legendary has promised that full details of the game and game tools used will be released shortly

You can sign up and play the Alpha version on the Legendary Studio’s web site.

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