Galactic Princess on Kickstarter. Become a Pirate and Save the Universe

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Here’s another good looking project vying for funding through Kickstarter.

Dive into an epic adventure through deep space. Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe.

Sounds simple enough right?

As the captain of your own smuggler spaceship, you must lead your crew to a life of glory, riches and infamy! How you do that is up to you!

There are many ways to achieve your ultimate goal.  Whether it’s trading merchandise, illegal or otherwise, or using diplomacy to get your way and beat your opponents.  The best way, but the one that carries the highest risk and price, is piracy.  So defend your treasures and watch out for your envious opponents, especially of the corrupted members of the Spacecop alliance.

With 25 days left on the campaign and slightly more than half way to their goal of £20K, Galactic Princess has a real chance of being made.

Check out the Galactic Princess Kickstarter page and bcome a backer.

Check out the official Galactic Princess game page.


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