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Bullet Waltz is an addictive, mysterious, hard game that you should try.

Bullet Waltz, developed by Rock Hong, is one of the best games I have ever seen made in two days. That is right, this addictive game was made in 48 hours. The graphics for this game are very simplistic, but beyond well done. However, the music really makes the game for me. Music sets the tone of a game. The music for this game is upbeat and timed with the bullets and the way the screen changes. The player can almost depend on the music to guide them.

This game also has no tutorial level. The player must figure everything out on their own via trial and error. The player controls a little purple square. Around that square there are bigger, moving, dark green squares that make up the floor, and a lighter green wall around the outside. There is also a turret in the very middle of the screen along with a timer. The first thing I learned was that the purple square cannot hit the lime green wall or else it is game over.

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Bullet Waltz

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After spending a while playing the game, I found that the turret in the middle shoots bullets at random places, in tune to the music. These bullets are mostly green and bounce off the walls, always staying in the screen. They also kill the purple square if both squares are to collide. However, if the square nearly collides, the whole screen sort of changes, turning bright white, as if to warn the player that they have just almost died. Occasionally, the turret throws out little flashing bullets, that when collided with the player changes the whole game. Instead change the screen to purple as well as change the purple dot into a bigger square that can destroy the bullets bouncing around. Remember the dark green squares that made up the floors? These come into play now. There are five rows vertically in this mode, these five rows act as a timer. It take about five seconds for this mode to end. As each row lights up, the time is lessening. Once all light up purple, the player instantly changes back to its purple state and has to continue to dodge. If the player is to collect another flashing box in this state, then the timer resets and the players box becomes bigger.

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Bullet Waltz

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The timer in the middle increases as bullets come out of the turret and over time the bullets bouncing around almost seem to pulse when the turret pumps out new bullets. This pulsing becomes more and more intense as time goes on. This makes it harder to know where the bullets are moving towards and harder to dodge. I have only gotten to about 58, but in that short time, the screen has begun to move. When the screen itself moves, the player risks colliding with the moving wall, and there is a smaller area in which the bullets will bounce. This new change in the game seems like a huge surprise, much like most of the game, and comes without warning or instructions.

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Bullet Waltz

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This game is extremely addictive. It is extremely hard to dodge the bullets jumping around and the lack of instructions makes the player wonder what is going to happen next. The game does not disappoint, and is amazingly well done. Try it for yourself.

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