Towers of Altrac Needs Your Help

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If your gaming tastes include  massive scale 3D games in which you defend a peaceful people from decimation by evil, Cybertron Design Studios has just the title for you.

Boxshot Title

Boxshot Title

In December 2013 Cybertron Design Studios launched the demo for their game Towers of Altrac, and they are excited to announce that the full game should be released in the very near future. They hope that gamers will try out the demo (available free on their website) and then visit Steam to give the game some support in the Greenlight ranks if they dig it.

“It’s hard to reach a noticeable level in Greenlight when there is no high budget for marketing but with the support of [gamers], the chance is better.” says developer Jsmael Stieger.

In Towers, players selects one of three races who dwell in the land of Altrac. There are the Kalthan, a magical people residing in the eastern valleys; the Eldran, a tribe of forest dwellers who practice natural magic; and the Dreoks, a proud empire made up of miners, warriors, and engineers. Each of these races have their own individual story and campaign in the game, as they struggle to achieve freedom.

Game Play

Game Play

As the name implies, the game features multiple towers which are crucial to the defense of the different parts of Altrac. Each of the three nations has 19 towers to call their own, with singular abilities and assorted upgrades. More than fifty different kinds of enemies will challenge the player across 62 unique and beautifully rendered maps.  The main campaign is said to provide about 45 hours of gameplay, but the game doesn’t stop there; use the custom game editor to create new adventures, or join with up to three friends in multiplayer mode and share in the destructive power.

Sample the Towers of Altrac demo for free on the Cybertron Design Studios website. If you’d like to show your support for this extensive project, give the game an upvote at the Steam Greenlight page, and watch for an announcement about the release of the full game once it becomes available on their website.



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