Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter Update

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With 13 days to go and the project funded several times over, focus has moved to meeting and beating various stretch goals that have been added to the project, including Town Events, In-Game Cinematics, Steam Workshop and more.

The video above has just been released and shows the pre-alpha footage of the turn based combat system.

Additionally, the DRM free option has been confirmed, and backers will be able to choose DRM free download when the game releases (although Early Access will be Steam only).

Pledge options via PayPal/Humble Widgets are also now available, allowing backers who aren’t able to use Kickstarter/Amazon Payments to pledge via PayPal/Humble Widgets.  You can go to the Darkest Dungeon pledge page to become a backer.

Darkest Dungeon Plague Doc

Darkest Dungeon Plague Doc

Finally, several new classes have been announced in the last two weeks, including; Occultist, Hellion, Houndmaster, Jester, Man-at-Arms, and Bounty Hunter.  Find out more about these additions on the Darkest Dungeon web site.

Visit the Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter project page.

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