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Tall Grass is one of the best PuzzleScript based games I’ve ever played!

I have played many games made in PuzzleScript in my time, but never have I found a more well done game, made with PuzzleScript, than Tall Grass. Tall Grass is a nod to Pokemon, made by Lipedal and Cauafs, for the Ludum Dare 28. This game game in which the player only gets one monster (or Pokemon) but is okay with that!

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Tall Grass

One of the main things in the game Pokemon, was the fact that Ash had to “catch them all!” It was the main quest his life revolved around. In this game, however, the player only gets one monster to bond with. Whenever I played Pokemon as a child, I’d always level up the first monster I got and bonding with it too much, making the rest of my team weaker. This game basically solved my bias problem. The player of the game, which sort of resembles a pixelated Ash, finds one little monster in the forest. He then names the monster Pewee! Pewee is a small animal, that looks sort of like Pikachu, who walks directly behind the player. Every move the player makes, his little friend follows. Pewee is a great companion and with this new friend the puzzle aspect of the game begins. The player has not really gone into the tall grass to catch monsters, but rather to play football (or American Soccer).

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Tall Grass

Now, the player and Pewee must kick the ball around rocks and bushes into a goal. This at first seems really easy, but then Twerkos, another type of monster, comes and ruins the fun. Monsters move one block forward, directly after the player moves one space. If the monsters happen to hit either the player or Pewee, the level is restarted. In this game, the player does not want to get into any fights with other monsters, in fear of damaging his/her little monster. The player also does not want to capture any more monsters because it is happy with just Pewee! Some levels still involve playing soccer, even with the monsters around, while others have Pokeballs at the end. These Pokeballs can contain repel, candy, and many other traditional Pokemon items.

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Tall Grass

Soon, however, the player finds a Megastone. This Megastone evolves Pewee to Teen Pewee! Teen Pewee is able to push around the ball on its own! From that point on, the player continues the game through the eyes of Pewee, while the owner looks on, proudly, at what its monster had become. Teen Pewee is also able to push Pokeballs to its master, and even learn a Pokemon move. This game is sort of short, but has many challenging puzzles. There is also a hint of nostalgia for any Pokemon lover who plays this game. In no way is this game your average PuzzleScript game! The way that the game creators were able to make this game is simply genius. Check it out yourself!

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