Moon Boing Launches On Android

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Moon Boing title

Moon Boing is a new physics based platformer title by Space Hat Games. Moon Boing puts you in the suit of an astronaut who ventures upon a floating stone head in space. Being the adventurer you are you go have a look, what stands between you and the floating obelisk is vast space and platforms. You will have to jump from platform to platform, navigate around glass walls, collect space balls, and all in as few jumps as possible to complete each level to its fullest.



Your astronaut cruises around with the aid of his jet pack and some really intuitive physics that make flying from platform to platform a breeze with the touch interface.  As the levels progress the obstacles become more difficult and force you to plan your routes more precisely while trying to collect all the space balls. The momentum of your astronaut plays the biggest role in where you’ll end up, and trying to get the right thrust ratio was always fun. Finishing each stage by jumping strait to the other side didn’t prove too difficult,  however completing each stage while obtaining all space balls proved to be a much more complex task.



Moon Boing really is an awesome new platformer, and Space Hat Games hit the mark. There’s really nothing like it on Android that we’ve seen and recommend you pick up a copy!  You can get it now for $1.20 on Google Play as well as the Samsung Apps Store or if you have an Iphone you can play it there for free.




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