Kenshi: Samurai Sandbox

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Kenshi is an upcoming post apocalyptic survival sandbox indie title from Lofi games. There is no clear purpose or direction, your fate and survival are based on the edge of a blade and prosperity is gained through conquering others.

It's big

It’s big

Kenshi plays like like a cross between squad-based Oblivion and X-Com Apocalypse. Players control a team of samurai characters in a massive desert world, adventuring around and getting stabbed and slaughtered.  Starting off with just a single weak character with a rusty sword and no shoes, you work your way up through a number of professions to develop a team of hardened warriors powerful enough to influence or even oppose the more powerful factions in the world, you also get to build  your own  freaking fortress.



You can play with one character, or with 50, and there are advantages to both. Combat is real-time and is based on swords and bows and  RPG stats influencing the outcome of the battles. No Magic. No fantasy cliches, just pure unadulterated hack and slash awesomeness.



So what do Lofi games have in store in the future for Kenshi? Chris Hunt says they’re working on a  “huge, new and diverse world map, 4x the size of the current one. Much later on it will have water, rivers and wildlife too,” he continued. “The gameplay will get much more complex, with environmental challenges added in – hunger, thirst and weather conditions. There will be a lot more combat details, for example, crawling when injured, robotics limbs to replace severed ones, unarmed fighting and ranged combat skills.”

Kenshi currently doesn’t have an official launch date, and with a little more content and polishing, it will easily be worth it’s $20 price tag.  Make sure to keep an eye out on Lofi games website here and give it a play, we know we will.

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