Grabbles Demo and Kickstarter to be Announced at PAX East

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Welcome to the strange world of Grabbles.

Grabbles Logo

Grabbles Logo

Grabbles is a deceptively simple 2D physics based platformer, with a twist.  Rather than running around and jumping on things, Grabbles must navigate the treacherous alien world by using their two sticky elastic appendages.

The story is a simple one;  You must undertake an epic journey to discover the source of a recent string of catastrophic events that are threatening to destroy the world as you know it.



Each sticky appendage can be aimed and fired using either the joysticks and triggers on a controller, the left and right mouse buttons, or touch gestures on touchscreen devices.   You can play by yourself, or with friends, in a variety of game modes including co-op, death match, and race. The game has both single player and multiplayer game play options, with multiplayer supporting local, same screen couch play, and over the internet.

The game runs on PC / Mac / Linux right now and there will be a mobile demo available in the next few weeks.

The developers, Noble Whale, will be at PAX East on April 11th, and will be launching and demoing the full alpha version of the game.  They will also be announcing their upcoming Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, so be sure to find them on the show floor and show your support.

Grabbles in Space

Grabbles in Space

You can download the current demo from their website here.

Follow the Grabbles dev team and project on Twitter.

Visit the developer’s website.

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