Fire Chopper Inc. Firefighting and Business Simulator for Browsers

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Fire Chopper Inc.

Fire Chopper Inc.

Small indie projects are what this scene is all about.  They are the life and soul and the grass roots of game development.  Having the freedom to create and realize an idea or follow a passion is simply the whole point of this.

Fire Chopper Inc. is such a project.  It is a 2D aerial firefighting and business simulator, currently being developed by Nicholas Bogart.  In the game, you take on the role of a fresh faced helicopter pilot setting out on your own, starting a business, and fighting fires.  You have rented an office and bought your first small helicopter.  Now you have to grow your company by signing up for the right contracts and completing them successfully.  As you progress in the game, building your reputation by successfully putting out fires, you will be able to purchases bigger and better helicopters, cutting edge equipment, and even hire specialized crews to help you out in the field. Think Oil Tycoon but for fire fighting.

The graphics are simplistic yet functional and gives the player all the information they need to manage their resources and play a satisfying game.

Fire Chopper Inc.

Fire Chopper Inc.

Work is progressing on the game, with the developer finishing up a new “Classic” game play mode, built on an all new engine using Unity, new graphics, music, and AI.  Gameplay is mission based, with challenges generated randomly that ramp up in difficulty as you improve your gear and equipment making for new and fresh content as your game progresses.

The new classic version is expected to be released in late May, with a planned Kickstarter campaign in June, to raise funds and awareness to add new features.

Check out a demo of the game on Gamesprout.

Follow the developer on Twitter.

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