Necromancer Kickstarter and Latest Demo. Zombie Apocalypse Fun for PC and Android.

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Necromancer is a ‘reverse zombie apocalypse’ game for Android and PC.  You are the Necromancer who is trying to start the zombie apocalypse, and you must defeat the rag-tag groups of heroes who are trying to stop you. All you have to prevent this is an array of spells and an infinite army of undead minions – but will it be enough?

Necromancer Celerity Spell

Necromancer Celerity Spell

Necromancer is a departure from the countless other zombie apocalypse games as it gives YOU command over the zombie hordes – it’s your infernal powers that curse the heroes, and your evil that blights the land. You use the power from the souls you harvest to reanimate the corpses of mortals as different types of undead minions, and you raise larger and more powerful hordes of zombies as your powers increase. Your powers are limited, however, so you must be careful when and where you raise your minions, and how you use your spells; the heroes are tough, wiley, armed to the teeth with a huge variety of weaponry, and they gain experience the more of your undead progeny they destroy! You have to out-think and outmaneuver them, using the lay of the land to your advantage. You don’t have to face them alone, however – Necromancer will feature cross-platform co-operative multiplayer, so you and a friend can both encompass the land in your shadowy clutches. Beware, though – more heroes will become aware of your diabolical machinations, and will attempt to put an end to them.

Necromancer Desert Mob

Necromancer Desert Mob

After successfully completing a level, you are granted an achievement trophy and bonus resources depending on your performance, and you can channel the souls you harvested into different types of minions to raise in coming encounters, new spells to cast, or increasing your passive abilities. You’ll need to earn a certain amount of trophies to gain access to different environments, allowing you to extend your influence further into the mortal realms. There will be five different environments in Necromancer, spanning fifty nightmareish, gore-spattered levels.

Necromancer Vampires

Necromancer Vampires

Necromancer is the first commercial project from Other Worlds Software.  With just 14 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign, developer Other Worlds are still a few thousand short of their goal for getting the project funded.  Head over to the campaign page and become a backer today!

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You can play the latest demo, featuring 5 levels, right in your browser.

Check out Other World’s website.

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