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Prismatica is a simple yet addicting, new type of puzzle game that will blow your mind.

Prismatica is a totally new puzzle based game developed by Loomus Games. This game is described, by the one man team of Thordur Matthiasson, as a mix of Rubic’s Cube, a Dodecahedron, a Sudoku, and a lot of coffee. The feel of Prismatica is extremely smooth, especially for an alpha version. The player can choose, so far, one of the 4 chapters in the game. Each chapter has a bunch of puzzles for the player to attempt to complete. The first few levels are tutorial levels of course. After the player gets the feel for the simple yet challenging puzzle types, the fun begins.

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In order to solve the puzzles, the player must click and drag cogs that are covered in hexagons, around in a circle, almost like twisting them. These hexagons all connect to the cogs, so turning one might take some hexagons from another cog. At first, only one or two colors may overlap. This means that there is a red cog, covered in red hexagons, attached to a yellow cog, covered in yellow hexagons. The hexagon where both red and yellow cross, would need to be orange instead of the color of the cog. Cogs that are red are surrounded by red hexagons, yellow by yellow hexagons, ectrea. Each time a level is played, the puzzle is mixed randomly. This may seem like a complicated puzzle game, but after playing just a few of the tutorial levels, the game play almost felt natural. The best game play aspect for me, was the fact that the game does not need to be reset if the player messes up. I mess up a lot in puzzle games, but these mistakes could be easily fixed through some thought and turning of gears.

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These puzzles range from simple, almost easy puzzles, to multi-color puzzles that even the best puzzle solver would be challenged by. Even in the most challenging puzzles, it is easy to stay calm between the graphics and the music. This game contains some of the best music I have ever heard in a puzzle game, which is by Svarar Knutur. The music is calm, relaxing, beautiful, and helps build the smooth, calm atmosphere. Due to its slow rhythms, it makes the player want to think about the puzzles at hand instead of just rush through them. The look of the game is very simple but nice, with very vibrant color and simple shapes.

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This game is not quite out yet, but is planning to make its release in the 2nd quarter of 2014. It will be coming out on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, and for windows phones, so basically there is not one person who cannot experience this awesome game.

Check out the website here.

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