Warside Action RPG Platformer Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

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Kraken Games, an independent developer based in Moscow, have launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their latest game, Warside.  Warside places you into a gritty futuristic world as an elite soldier, battling for survival against massive odds.  The developers describes the game as a visceral multiplayer sci-fi shooter featuring classic 2D gameplay combined with RPG elements, and judging by the video and early gameplay, they’ve hit the mark.

Warside Gameplay 01

Warside Gameplay


In the future universe of Warside, players create their own elite soldier using a flexible character development system and take him in to online battle as part of a small tactical combat unit taking on other player led squads. Brutally fast and violent, the advanced RPG system brings a level of depth to the game that allows players to rely on their character’s unique stats and abilities as well as their own skill level in equal measure during the heat of combat.

Warside Gameplay 03

Warside Gameplay

Set across a variety of battle arenas including giant tree canopies, space stations, ancient ruins and secret labs, Warside actively encourages players to utilize the landscape around them and employ a variety of movement styles to gain a tactical advantage over enemy combatants. Combining different character classes and a wide variety of equipment on offer within your team will garner the best results.

Warside Gameplay 02

Warside Gameplay

The game is set for a full release later this year, and further gameplay details will be revealed over the coming weeks unveiling in depth the character development system, the wide array of equipment available to the player, the game modes and battle arenas.

To get behind Warside, the future of tactical multiplayer squad shooters, head to the Steam Greenlight page, and vote for it.

About Kraken Games

Kraken Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2010. Over the past four years they have gathered a team of dedicated specialists and now stand at 17 members strong. Their primary goal is to make unique and interesting games for like-minded gamers. They are currently working on their debut game the sci-fi multiplayer shooter, Warside, scheduled for release in 2014.

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