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inSANE is a new platform game that is extremely challenging and even a bit insane.

inSANE, developed by The Melted Gravel Software Team, is a new platform game that is currently in beta. The release date for the full game is May 9th, 2014 and I cannot wait to see what else is going to be added. Currently, the beta is playable and contains 22 finished levels as well as a sneak peak at all the different achievements that one can obtain.

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There is a little bit of background story to this game, however, it does not seem like the story is currently in the game. The player is controlling a mentally insane person who is traveling through a world that is out of touch with reality. The player must travel through platformed levels to portal like objects at the end. At first, these were really easy to get too. It just involved shooting some enemies, who rain blood, and getting to the portal. As time goes on, more and more obstacles are added to the game. Spikes turn up that need to be avoided, pools of toxic waste appear, blocks that can only be seen when the player is in a certain range and much, much more. The player does have a set amount of health, but at the current game stage, if the player runs out of health, it just restarts that stage with 50/100 health.


Some levels are made of spikes and block that cannot be seen until the player is literally right by them. This adds a load of challenge to this game, but when the player is taking damage, it does show all of the invisible blocks for a brief time. There are also levels full of water that the player needs to swim through, while holding its breath. A few levels have anti-gravity bubbles that, when hit, change the gravity of the player. Other levels contain paths that propel the player upwards. This, combined with jump, can either boost a player up to the place it needed to go, or cause the player to have to work hard to get below the booster. Keys also appear in the game. Obtaining these keys will remove a colored block (the same color as the key) that will then show a new area for the player to go to.

Insane 3

Already, this game has so many different aspects and obstacles in it. It contains the perfect amount of challenge and is very fun to play. There are many, many different obstacles, sometimes many in each level, to combat in order to progress. The game is very well developed so far and very challenging. Check it out for free on GameJolt.

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