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The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a beautiful platformer full of creativity.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors, developed by Mimimi productions, is about Tinkerland, a world where everything is made by ones imagination. Everything in the world is created through color. The city of colors however, is beginning to separate. All of the different colors have started separating into different districts, hating each other. In the outer city limits, there are still some people who enjoy the blending of different people and colors. The player plays as Kuro, the hero who will destroy The Bleakness and bring all of the colors back together. Kuro must use color and emotion to bring life back to the city that is being drained of its life. The Last Tinker: City of Color [Image 1 of 2] My first impression on this game is that it is simply beautiful. All of the colors are vibrant and amazing, just as one would expect in a world based on colors. The characters are very unique and cool looking, the land is amazing. The music continues with this joyous theme. I have not gotten too far into the game yet, but I am amazingly impressed with what these developers have created. Kuro is given a little pall, called Tap, to help show him the ropes in the beginning of the game. The first task that the player must get to is the race. There is a race going on in the city that Tap and Kuro want to participate in. Along the way, the player is taught about many of the basics of the game. Every move is fluent, from jumping onto rocks, to sliding across ropes. There are many places to explore, paint brushes to collect, creates to destroy. The environment is open enough to explore, but with Tap, the player can always find his or her way back on track. Personally, I am already attached to little Tap and Koru. The characters are amazing, just like the graphics and the story itself. The Last Tinker: City of Color [Image 2 of 2] This game will be completely available on May 12th, on steam, for $21.99. If you would like to get the game before May 12th, it is ten percent off, making it $19.97. This game, in my opinion, is completely worth the money. I am thoroughly impressed with every aspect of The Last Tinker: City of Colors. Anyone can tell how much the developers have put into this game. Go check it out here.

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