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Iris is a beautiful looking platform game about a girl who must save her sister.

Lately, I have been playing games with amazing graphics. Iris is one of these games. Iris has a great storyline, spectacular graphics, and amazing gameplay. This game is about a girl, named Iris, who is looking for her sister in the forbidden forest. Siri finds a mystic gem in this forest and is taken by some black monster into another realm, called Chromaland. Being the amazing big sister Iris is, she goes into this realm looking for her sister. These little girls have quite the bond, Iris will do anything to save her sister. Luckily, she has the Bracelet of Apo, which produces a bow, to help her.

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Everything inside Chromaland is a dark, all of the monsters are silhouettes of scary-looking creatures. Iris must use her bow to hit eye like targets that reveal either monsters, or platforms to help the player move on. It adds a bit of difficulty to have these targets to hit, as the player might not be sure whether it is something helpful that will appear, or something that will attack. The monsters additionally have targets on them, that depending on the color, may need to be hit more than once. The bow mechanics are well done, making the bow easy to use. Soon, Iris finds herself face to face with Valerious. Valerious is a monster in the realm, who is looking for her lost eye. If Iris gets said eye, Valerious will help her save her sister, or so she thinks. When Valerious gets the eye back, she goes off to take over Chromaland. From there, the game gets harder.

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Now, I was pretty good with the arrow mechanics, but I was not used to what the game wanted me to do. It wanted the player to be able to run and jump, while firing arrows. This brings the challenge to a whole new level and takes some getting use too. As well as needing to use the bow more often, the types of arrows changes. Now, some monsters require single, charged shots, which means the player needs to hold back the bow for longer before shooting. At the same time this becomes harder, the normal arrow shot, instead of being one arrow, turns into three. The story continues as Iris is faced with defeating Valerious. It seems like it takes two battles to defeat her, but once she is defeated, Valerious explains why she has done such evil things, apparently she had hurt her sister, who is currently guarding Iris’ sister, and wishes to be forgiven. Iris talks some sense into her, convincing her she is forgiven, so Valerious can move on, and die, in peace. Iris is then given back her sister, and the world is turned back into one of happiness and color. Iris and her sister, Siri, are invited to guard Chromaland with their new friend. This game is simply amazing and wonderfully done. Play the game here.

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