mobileFX Launches Coconut2D Kickstarter Campaign

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Startup company mobileFX launches Kickstarter Campaign for their new product “Coconut2D Studio”

Coconut2D allows you to create and run native games in HTML5 Browsers without Plugins! mobileFX Coconut2D is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that creates native games for iOS, Android and x86 Desktops, as well as HTML5 Browsers using Emscripten, WebGL and ASM.js technology! 

Coconut2D Studio in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Windows that unifies a vast array of technologies, under a simplified game development process. Coconut2D innovation is that it Virtualizes the HTML5 Canvas across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms using a set of Native Device Wrappers. Developers can write and debug their games in Object Oriented JavaScript against the virtual HTML5 Canvas using Coconut2D Studio IDE. Once a games is ready for release, it can be compiled to HTML5 and ECMA JavaScript code, as well as Native C++11 code for iOS, Android and x86 apps.

mobileFX has developed a state of the art open source compiler, that generates cross-browser ECMA JavaScript and portable C++11 code from Object Oriented JavaScript source code. Especially for HTML5, a game can also be compiled to C++ and post-compiled with Emscripten to JavaScript byte code. Compiled JavaScript can be up to x10 times faster than “regular” handwritten JavaScript and runs on all browsers.

Coconut2D uses Emscripten both for binding 3rd party C++ libraries (such as Box2D Physics Engine) with generated ECMA JavaScript code, and also for post-compiling and optimizing a game for HTML5 Browsers. Coconut2D Studio IDE is capable of compiling C++11 code directly into a native iOS, Android and x86 applications. Especially for iOS apps, Coconut2D integrates with iOS Build Environment for Windows so that iOS apps are truly compiled on Windows by a special port of the LLVM compiler. This is the same compiler technology Apple uses in XCode. iOS compilation process of Coconut2D Studio also code signs apps with developer’s official developer certificate.

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